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Baghrir – Moroccan Pancakes

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Cuisine Moroccan Difficulty Easy Prep Time 5min Cooking Time 10min What is it: Baghrir are the Moroccan version of pancakes or crepes. They are quite easy and quick to make. The surface has this little craters that absorb and hold whatever you pour on them. They are fantastic with melted butter and honey. With a side of Moroccan mint tea of course ! Ingredients Fine Semolina 200 g All purpose flour 100 g Instant Yeast

Great Sauces: Toum, Sauce Andalouse, and Harissa Mayonnaise.

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Cuisine Mixed Difficulty Easy Prep Time 10min Cooking Time 10min What is it: These are three amazing sauces from different parts of the world. Toum is an essential sauce for middleastern street food. Sauce Andalouse is fantastic with fries, and you have been to Belgium you will know what mean. Harissa mayonnaise, well I don’t think its authentic in any way but I made it because the combination of the two is something out of this world. Ingredients

Bissara – Moroccan Green Split Peas Soup (Vegan)

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Cuisine Moroccan Difficulty Easy Prep Time 10min Cooking Time 1h What is it: Bissara is a very popular and loved Moroccan Soup. It's a winter favourite soup, with very simple but hearty flavours: Olive Oil, Peas, Garlic, Cumin. it is one of the few soups in Morocco that you can have for breakfast and it will definitely warm your morning. It's very easy to make and it's Vegan, so it checks all the boxes !!! Ingredients Ingredient:

Berber Tagine (Vegan)

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Cuisine Moroccan Difficulty Easy Prep Time 30 min Cooking Time 1h 30 min What is it: No meat, no problem ! Slow cooked bouquet of colourful vegetables with a beautiful mix of spices and herbs resulting in a delicious/low-cost tagine. Served best with moroccan side salads and some warm moroccan bread ! Enjoy !!! Ingredients Olive Oil: 4 Tbsp Sea Salt: 1 tsp Pepper: 1 tsp Paprika: 1.5 tsp Coriander: 2 tsp

Maakouda (Potato Croquettes)

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Cuisine Moroccan Difficulty Medium Prep Time 30min Cooking Time 45 min What is it: This is the street food I grew up with. It's more than food to me and many moroccans but if you never had it, this is a fantastic potato croquette recipe, served in bread with a special sauce. A true, delicious, carb bomb that will satisfy your taste buds and put you to sleep all at the same time !!! Ingredients Maakouda:

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