Middle Eastern Street Food

Great Sauces: Toum, Sauce Andalouse, and Harissa Mayonnaise.

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Cuisine Mixed Difficulty Easy Prep Time 10min Cooking Time 10min What is it: These are three amazing sauces from different parts of the world. Toum is an essential sauce for middleastern street food. Sauce Andalouse is fantastic with fries, and you have been to Belgium you will know what mean. Harissa mayonnaise, well I don’t think its authentic in any way but I made it because the combination of the two is something out of this world. Ingredients

Moutabal: Smokey Eggplant Heaven

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Cuisine Middle Eastern Difficulty Easy Prep Time 10min Cooking Time 35min What is it: Smokey, lemoney, garlicky ,tahini…OK this is getting too cheesy !!! This is a wonderful dish with just 5 ingredients that is packed with flavour and so easy to make ! Moutabal is a beautiful side dish, that you can garnish in so many ways. Just go make it already !!! Ingredients 3 Aubergines (Male) 1 Kg / 2 lbs 4.5 Tbsp of

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Arabic Bread / Pita Bread

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Cuisine Middle Eastern Difficulty Medium Prep Time 1h 45min Cooking Time 30min What is it: If you ever made falafels or shawarma, you know it’s worth going the extra mile to make this amazing, soft, pocket like bread. You just can’t replace the taste of freshly made Arabic bread. Unfortunately, most supermarkets sell Arabic or Pita bread that taste nothing like the real thing ! So let me show you how to make it, because it is absolutely worth

Turkish Adana Kebab

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Cuisine Turkish Difficulty Medium Prep Time 1h Cooking Time 20min What is it: One of the best Turkish kebab recipes: Adana Kebab. An amazing shish kebab that mixes fatty lamb and lean beef with a mix of fresh and dried red peppers to create the perfect kebab platter/sandwich !!! Ingredients Ingredient: 500 g / 1 lbs Fatty cut of Lamb. 500 g / 1 lbs Lean cut of Beef. 1 Red Pepper (Sweet)

Homemade Lamb Shawarma

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Cuisine Middle Eastern  Difficulty Medium Prep Time 40min Cooking Time 3h 30min What is it: You don't need a vertical spit roast grill if you can slow cook the lamb till it's falling off the bone tender. Calling Shawarma street food slightly diminishes how delicious it is. It is a serious cooking adventure with a an amazing ending !!!! Ingredients For the meat: 1 bone-in lamb shoulder blade, about 4½ lbs / 2 kg 2

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